New Cat Game: CATZILLA!
  The Worlds Best Video Game (for cats, not humans)
  free download!

iPad Game for Cats: The World's Best Video Game
(for cats, not humans)

All the fun of your cat chasing a laser pointer without any of the work!

NOTE: The laser level is free, but the mouse level is an in-app purchase!

"Free download" refers to downloading the app and the laser level for free. Sorry for any confusion.

It's So Intense

Notice in this picture that Hiccup's iPad Game for Cats is capturing the attention of not one, but three cats simultaneously. It's just that good.

Does your cat like to play with a string? Chase a laser pointer? Catch a mouse?
Then download this game (for free).

Cats Prefer It

In this picture you see that the cat is playing iPad Game for Cats rather than playing with the "real" toy he is being taunted with nearby. It's no surprise to us. Regular toys just can't compete with the playfulness of the iPad.

Is your cat alive? Then he will love this game!
Download iPad Game For Cats for free.


WARNING: If you let your cat play this game, he might not want to give it back!

Don't have an iPad? No worries, we made an iPhone version just for you.
free download!

*Game is a free download and the laser level is free to play. However, the mouse level is available as an in-app purchase for $1.99 (or comparable in your country).
Still not sure? See our blog for videos of satisfied customers!