New Cat Game: CATZILLA!
  The Worlds Best Video Game for cats just got smaller
  free download!

iPhone Game for Kittens: The World's Best iPhone Game for cats (not humans)

You meowed for it! We listened!

The Best-Selling iPad game is now on your iPhone!

Same great taste! New smaller packaging!

iPhone Game for Kittens is just as engaging and tastes every bit as good as our larger iPad version! (It tastes like metal and glass, nothing like a real mouse, so have fun but don't eat it!!!)

We know not everyone has iPads. How do we know this? You told us! You said "please make us an iPhone version for my Mr. Winkles!". So we did! We hope you buy it!

Does your cat like to play with a string? Chase a laser pointer? Catch a mouse?
Then download this game.


In this picture you see a cat who is sitting on a cow afghan and he is going crazy over his most favoritest video game.

Your cat could be this happy and more. Download this game and see!

free download!

*Game is a free download and the laser level is free to play. However, the mouse level is available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 (or comparable in your country).
Still not sure? See our blog for videos of satisfied customers!